How to Change Battery Low Message and Picture


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Guide on how to change BATTERY LOW MESSAGE and PICTURE"

Take Note: Back-up ka po muna!

You will need the ff:
*920 text editor
*Root explorer

1. Decompile your SystemUI.apk
2. Open SystemUI_src then res then values
3. Open strings.xml
4. Search nyo to:

Connect charger

Note: This is the message title, It says "Connect charger" Bahala na kayo kung anung ilalagay nyo jan na message. ;)

5. Search nyo to:

The battery is getting low.

Note: Ito naman ang first line ng message. Bahala na din kayo kung anung ilalagay nyo jan na message. ;)

6. Search nyo to:

%d%% remaining

Note: Ito naman ang second ng message. (Yung remaining battery percentage) Palitan nyo ng kahit anung gusto nyong message ang "remaining", Wag nyo lang aalisin to: %d%%.

7. Save xml (string.xml)

8. Ito naman yung sa picture. Open SystemUI_src then res the drawable-hdpi folder and look for batter_low_battery.png (Ito yung picture na connect the charger) Palitan nyo ng image na gusto nyo. :)
Note: Must be same name ha? at .png din!

9. Recompile SystemUI_src and Sign
10. Set permission to RW,R,R
11. PUSH
12. Reboot

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