How to: Change PLDTmyDSL and Fibr Wifi Router Password


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This guide will show how to access and update the PLDTmyDSL wifi Router for DSL and Fibr

- PLDT Router
- PC or Device connected to router
- Web Browser

  1. Plugin in your DSL or Fibr Router then make sure you are connected to the router via lan or wifi
  2. Open web browser and type if this doesn't work to to command prompt type ipconfig and check default gateway
  3. You will be prompted to login see below for the updated user and password access
Normal Account
User: admin
Pass: 1234

Super Admin
User Name: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890

user: admintelecom
pass: telecomadmin

Note: if this dont work do a hard reset by pressing the dot behind the router for 2 mins you can use a pen or pin just make sure not to damage it
  1. Now that you have login go to Admin then password
  2. Update the desired password and click save
If this method didn't work for you check out the PLDT for the other tutorials

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