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To all Globe Tattoo prepaid and postpaid pocket WiFi users who are trying to change the password on their device, we are giving you few steps on how to do it quickly using your mobile phone, laptop or desktop whichever is available.

Changing the default password helps secure pocket Wi-Fi from other connected users. To cut this story short, kindly follow the steps below.

I provided options based on the device e.g E5330, e5220 you are using. You can check the model of your pocket WiFi by opening the back cover or by going to settings then device information.
Step 1: Just type on your browser Input, then click Setup and type the given username and password that are provided below then click Login.

GLOBE DSL Basic login
Default Username and Password
Username: user
Password: user

(note: copy and paste to make sure its correct)
username: Admin
Password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e


Step 2: Go to the SETUP tab then click on WLAN, on this menu you can see option for SSID (Wifi name), you change it if you want.


Step 3: Under the WLAN option click Security to change the Wifi password. On the Pre-Shared Key field type your desire Wifi password then click Apply changes.

Allows 8-63 characters. You can also enable or disable your wireless name by clicking the button. Security mode is also found here where you can set options like WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

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