How to Check Fake iPhone Charger


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Here are some indicators that will help you determine if your 5W charger is fake or authentic. It's easier if you can borrow someone's authetic charger to compare it with. In my case, I bought a fake charger for this comparison.

1. Prongs on the fake one appears to be chrome plated steel (makintab)whereas the authentic ones has pale,dull looking prongs (kupas) note that one of the authentic charger is also bnew(from an iPhone 7 set) yet the prongs still looks faded.
2. The fake one that I got also has a serial # but I noticed a blue material/wire in the usb port which is not present on the two authentic chargers that I have.
3. Both authentic charger's serial # starts with C while the fake one starts with F. I'm not concluding that serial #s that starts with other letters are fake but the authentic ones that I have were released 2 years apart, so you can't help but wonder where the F (wtf ) came from or when the F (wtf ulit ) started. So I guess it's something you should also consider.
4. The middle bed inside the usb port of the fake one appears to positined lower.
5. The prongs on the authentic charger appears smoother compared to the fake one. I noticed that the fake charger has some very visible lines on the slanted part of the chrome plated prongs.
6. Fake one that I got has a darker label and surprisingly more readable than the authentic chargers.
7. I just learned today na pag authentic 5w charger effortless patayuin on their metal prongs. yung fake napapatayo rin pero mga 5 attempts! Thank you sa info Cherry De Jesus Lisud

Stay way from fake chargers, don't risk your phone. Using another authentic brand is ok, provided that you are using an mfi or original cable.


PS: there's probably numerous fake versions out in the market at the moment, so ymmv. That being said, most of chargers that I saw in a tiange mall @ortigas are similar to the one that I used for this comparison. Hope this helps.

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