How To Clone Application


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Cloning means you can install 2 or more copies of 1 app in your phone without replacing the other copy of it.

Use It For Example :
When you want to install the latest version of an app but you don't want it to replace to the old version that has already installed in your phone.

Requirements :
ApkEditor apk or Dalvik Bytecode Editor apk

Using ApkEditor
1. Open ApkEditor

2. In /sdcard/ search the app you want to make a clone

3. Tap and hold it; choose clone then ok.....

4. Tap and hold the clone copy of app; install


Using Dalvik Bytecode Editor
1. Open Dalvik Bytecode Editor

2. In /sdcard/ serach the app you want to make a clone

3. Click it

4. Click AndroidManifest.xml
(example you want to clone opera mini)

5. Search this :

6. Edit/Rename the and must have at least 1 letter and 1 dot (.)
Example : or opera.1 or a.1 etc......

7. Click back button

8. Prompt Is Save? click ok

9. Click back button

10. Prompt Is Save? click ok

11. Tap and hold the signed copy; choose view then install


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