How to Connect Mysql Workbench to Remote Mysql

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Step 1: Prepare the following requirements:
  • SSH HostName:
  • SSH Username
  • SSH Password:
  • Mysql Username:
  • Mysql Password:
Step 2: Click the (+) Button

Step 3: A windows will appear. Set your connection Model to “Standard TCP/IP over SSH”
  • SSH HostName: yourhost:21098
  • SSH Username: your username
  • SSH Password: Click Store in vault then input SSH password
  • Mysql Hostname:
  • Mysql Server Port: 3306
  • Username: Your Mysql Username
Mysql Password: Click Store in vault then input Mysql password
Test Connection! And click close. If there is an error, check inputted data

Step 4: Click Close then, it will appear on the front page, Just click it or “right click > Open Connection”. If you are prompted anything, just click “Continue” or “Yes”. You should be able to see your tables J Enjoy!

You can also see the status of your server database and many more! Just Explore Mysql Workbench

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