How to Deactivate Demo Mode After Rooting


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this apply to Zenfone which is running on DEMO MODE due to failed rooting or failed firmware update or any reason.

if you try to root ZF5 & failed, the phone will automatic activate the Asus Demo mode. in this mode, Demo mode will play videos & show the specsheets of the phone each time u press power off button. it is similar like the showcase unit at shop. not much u can do with ur if u are in this mode.

to turn off the Asus Demo mode, below is the steps. the phone will deactivate the demo mode, delete it & reset the phone to original factory settings.

1.turn on phone, make sure u are connected to the internet over Wifi.

2. run the demo mode. < while on home screen, press the power button to turn off screen & the demo mode will start.

3. when demo video is playing, tap the scree to stop it. u will land at demo homepage.

4. at this demo homepage, press & hold 'back' softkey more than 10seconds until a deactivation screen appears.

5. in the password column, pls key in password: 741603 then press deactivate. this password works for all Zenfone model.

6. the phone will restart & erasing the demo mode & resetting your phone to factory settings. pls take note this will take times like 5-10 minutes. if it takes more than that, means something wrong with it.

7. your phone now DEMO MODE DEACTIVATED & running like normal.
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