How To Duplicate Apps on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


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These are the instructions on how to duplicate App Store applications on jailbroken iDevices.

Why duplication of App is needed...?

For running multiple account simultaneously. Like running two WhatsApp for two different nos. or more or having multiple account of Facebook.

Required Tools:
  • iFile
  • AppCake [Or any other Cracked App Store]
  • Internet Connection

  1. First of all install iFile and AppCake using Cydia
  2. Then Download any app's IPA that you want from AppCake let's say it's WhatsApp's IPA.
  3. Now open iFile.
  4. Default location of the IPA will be (//var/mobile/Documents/Downloads/). Do not install it.
  5. Now create a new folder named Lab at this location (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab)
  6. Now Copy the downloaded IPA (WhatsApp.IPA) into this folder (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab)
  7. Rename the IPA and change the extension (WhatsApp.IPA ->
  8. Now click the file and extract it using iFile's UNARCHIVER.
  9. Now Delete the file from the location (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab)
  10. Now you'll see some files and folders there at the location (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab)
  11. Keep Folder named "Payload" and a file named "iTunesArtwork" and delete anything other than this.
  12. Now decide the name of the App that you wanna have after this procedure. Let's say Whatsapp9
  13. Now rename the "" folder which is inside the Payload folder (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab/Payload/). ( ->
  14. Find a file named "Info.plist" from (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab/Payload/ location and open it using iFile's Text Viewer.
  15. Now find a term named "CFBundleDisplayName" and change this word from next line (WhatsApp -> WhatsApp9)
  16. Now find next term named "CFBundleExecutable" and change this word from next line (WhatsApp -> WhatsApp9)
  17. Now find next term named "CFBundleIdentifier" and change this words from next line (net.whatsapp.WhatsApp -> net.whatsapp.WhatsApp9)
  18. Now save the changes of Info.plist file.
  19. Rename a file from (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab/Payload/ location (WhatsApp -> WhatsApp9)
  20. Done.
  21. Go back to this folder (//var/mobile/Documents/Lab/)
  22. Select folder Payload and file iTunesArtwork and make ZIP using iFile.
  23. Change the extension of file from (.ZIP to .IPA) and move it to the location (//var/mobile/Documents/ Downloads/)
  24. The File will now appear in AppCake, Install it.
  25. Done.
Note: If the version of both IPA is same then you'll get notification from only 1 app. Install Different versions of the same app, this way you'll get notification from both the app.

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