How To Expand RAM


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How To Expand RAM -RAM is a hardware part of your phone so this tutorial will not actually expand your RAM. -Its a useful tutorial for android device like SGY cursed with 289MB RAM.
-Make your phone lagless and can do a multitasking without lag.

- This process may damage your SD card if misused. Proceed with caution. Do it on your own risk.
-This may also decrease SD card's life.

Requirements :
  • Rooted Phone
  • Custom Kernel With Swap Support
1. Download and install "ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP)" and open it.
2. Click "Option Key" and then click "Help" for your guide line.
3. Put your desired "Size (mb)" and "Swappiness" or just click the "Optimal Value"
4.Check "Swap activ" checkbox and wait, it may take up to 30mins for class
4 SD card to finish.
5.Check "Autorun" checkbox.
6. Reboot your phone.Done.

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