How to Hack Friend Facebook Using Public Wifi and Dsploit


First of all you need a rooted device if you dont have rooted device the trick is dosnt working

Now first Open the dsploit apk
click and find MITM (Man In the Middle) Attack first i explain you whar shoulf I have if I'm a MITM what is the purpose of this now.!! if you a MITM you can controlled both wifi user connected Wow magic and you can get data in formation about them Wow and now How to hack a facebook account first create a pishing link using anomor and zshadow What is the next the next is You can controlled them a phone android pwede mo po palitan ang ang true link ni peysbook kasi nga ikaw MITM pwede po palitan ng pishing link Wow magic at pag pinalitan mo ng pishing link . !!

Pwese mag lolog in siya don sa site mo wow and you can get here data information pwede mo rin siya biroin ex fb tapos ang link niyan pinalitan mo ng xvideos psg mag search ng fb xvideos ang lalabas wow magic ganon din pag pishing ang inilagay mo ano paba ang nagagawa ng MITM pwede mo sya kunan ng letrato at mag open ng kahit ano sa browser niya at fb mag post ng pangit o ikakasira niya

Legit ba Legit 100% kasi nga na try kuna
Noob to be professional hahahaha
Kaya wag kayu bobo Thanks

Next How to Hack using HTML hahahaa lol nalang

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