How to install iAtkos S3 v2 on Compaq presario c700 laptop


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Here are the steps to install MAC OS X 10.6.4 for Compaq Presario C700 series laptop (C740EM to be specific) with Intel X3100 based graphics chipset.

Things you need:

iAtkos S3 V2 DVD (MD5 : 55d3aaae14435065b53acb61e3bccae2)

C700 Series Laptop of course!

Windows 7 DVD (If dual booting)


1. BIOS Settings

- Set Boot Order as From DVD From Hard Disk
- Set SATA Controller as AHCI (if the option is available) [Very Important!!!] To check if your SATA

Controller is set to AHCI, in windows goto Device Manager>IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and see if it has
Standard AHCI 1.0 SATA Controller installed. If it is there then you are good to go.

- Legacy USB Support - Enabled


2. Take your iAtkos DVD and put in the DVD Drive. You are now at Chameleon BootLoader Options. As it loads, Press F8 and type:

-v GraphicsEnabler= Yes USBFix= Yes UHCIreset= Yes

Hit Enter!

3. After sometime, you are at iAtkos S3 V2 MAC OS X 10.6.3 Installation Screen. Select your language and click next.

Now, at the top you'll see Utilities menu. Go inside and select Disk Utility.

4. In the Disk Utility window you can now see your Hard Disk and your DVD Drive. Select your Hard Disk (the whole disk, not the partitions)

Goto, Partitions menu at the right and select the number of partitions you want for your hard drive. I would suggest 4 partitions. 1. For MAC OSX, 2. For Windows 7, 3. Share Files between MAC and Windows and 4. For iAtkos S3 V2 Mounted DVD (For repairs and installations later.)

Goto Options, below partition selection box, and select GUID as your partition table format.

5. Partitions Type (Example: Total of 160 GB)

a. 1st Partition: For MAC OSX - 50 GB

Give a name for this partition (eg. Snow_Leopard) and select MAC OS Extended (Journaled) as your partition format.

b. 2nd Partition: For Windows 7 - 50 GB (if dual booting)

Give a name for this partition (eg. Windows) and select MS DOS (FAT) as your partition format.

c. 3rd Partition: For File sharing between MAC and Windows - 50 GB

Give a name for this partition (eg. MACWIN) and select MS DOS (FAT) as your partition format.

d. 4th Partition: For iATKOS S3 V2 DVD - 10 GB

Give a name for this partition (eg. iATKOS) and select MAC OS Extended as your partition format.

Create Partitions!!!

IF you want to create dual boot then goto 6 otherwise goto 7


- Quit MAC OS X installation (Do not continue!!). And, restart.
- Take out iAtkos S3 V2 DVD and insert Windows 7 Setup DVD.
- While Installing select Custom Installation and goto Disk Management. Select the WINDOWS partition

that you created!!! And, goto advanced options and format THIS partition. Continue with the

installation in THIS partition.

- Do a complete windows installation until you reach your desktop.
- Take out the Windows DVD and Shutdown the computer.

7. For MAC OS X installation.

Power ON

Take your iAtkos S3 V2 DVD and put it in your drive.
Press F8 and Again type in boot:

-v GraphicsEnabler= Yes USBFix= Yes UHCIreset= Yes

Press Enter and you are now taken to MAC OS X installation.

Select Agree Terms and Language.

Now, select the partition that you made for MAC OS X (Partition 1, eg. Snow_Leopard, 50 GB) and SELECT Customize Menu on the left. (this is IMPORTANT!!!)

- In customize menu, select the following:

iAtkos S3 Main System (Already Selected)
Bootloader > Chameleon 2 RC4
Bootloader > Slice
Bootloader Options > 32-Bit Boot
Bootloader Options > Graphics Enabler
USB (Select ALL)
Patches (Already Selected)
EVO Reboot (Already Selected)

Drivers > Main Hardware > SATA/IDE > AHCI SATA
Drivers > Main Hardware > Sound > Voodoo HDA
Drivers > Main Hardware > Sound > Apple HDA 10.6.2
Drivers > Main Hardware > PS/2 > Apple PS/2
Drivers > Main Hardware > CPU Power Management > Voodoo P-Share
Drivers > Main Hardware > Laptop Hardware > Battery
Drivers > Main Hardware > Laptop Hardware > TSC Sync
Drivers > Main Hardware > Network > Wireless > Broadcom
Drivers > Main Hardware > VGA > Intel

- Select OK and continue Installation (Takes 20 Mins to finish the installation), Restart.
- Select MAC OS X in OS Choice menu and load MAC OS X
- Apply Necessary Settings. Once you are at the desktop, download the Combo Update for MAC OS X 10.6.4 (Google it ) and update to 10.6.4 (very easy!!)

8. Now Select the OS you want to boot. Enjoy!!

9. To Mount iATKOS S3 V2 in your 4th Partition:

- Boot into MAC OS X and goto Utilities > Disk Utilities
- Put your iATKOS S3 V2 DVD in your DVD Drive and let the drive load.
- Now Select the 4th Partition (eg. iATKOS - 10 GB) on the left HDD list and click Restore tab on the right.
- Now a restore box with source and destination fields appear. Select the 4th Partition Drive, iATKOS and

drag it into Destination Field.

- At the HDD list, you can also see your DVD with iATKOS S3 V2 DVD image in it (Black Apple logo with
- Drag this image into Source Field.
- Click on Accept/Restore button at the bottom.
-Finish!! Enjoy your iATKOS Partition with Fast Instillation / Repair for future use

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