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I've been reading and searching forums everyday and encountered these problem so many times. The problem is when people keeps asking on how to make 2x2 and 1x1 inches picture because most of them are starters and beginners in their photo printing business. They also keep asking for the best software to use in this kind of business...

Actually there so many softwares to choose from. Others are downloadable and is free of charge and some softwares are licensed to their respective owners. I'll mention some software that I have used before, these softwares are Corel, Glimps and Adobe Photoshop and etc.

From the softwares I mentioned above, I recommend using Adobe Photoshop and that software is the one I liked and loved the most ^^. If you havent heard of Adobe Photoshop before then simply open up your browser and search it on the internet. There are many websites that gives free tutorials to... So one question is answered.

Tutorial on how to make 2x2 and 1x1 inches picture using Adobe Photoshop

1. Start by opening or running the program Adobe Photoshop (there many kind of photoshop versions and I'm currently using CS3 Extended).
2. At the upper left of the software you can find FILE then choose NEW. (shortcut key is CTRL+N). By doing this a new window will appear.


On the new window, change the width to 4 inches and the height to 6 inches. Also set the resolution to 300 pixels/inch, and the color mode to RGB color and click OK button.


3. Now you just created your canvas with the size of 4 inches by 6 inches, the next thing to do is to open the picture you want to resize in 1x1 or 2x2 inches. Right click on the picture you want to resize; choose open with and then choose the program Adobe Photoshop. (the shortcut in opening the picture is by dragging the picture and dropping it inside the software).

4. After opening the picture choose the crop tool (C), set the width and the height to 1 if you want to make 1x1 picture or set it to 2 if you need 2x2 pictures. you can set the height and the width in the upper part of the software.


6. After cropping we now have a 1x1 picture or 2x2 picture, now drag and drop the picture to
the canvas we made earlier. In a 4x6 inches canvas you can make 6pcs. of 2x2 inches picture
or 24 pcs. 1x1 picture on it, another option is that we can make a combination of 8pcs. 1x1
picture with 4 pcs. 2x2 picture



7. Save you work into a JPEG format then print it using a pre-cut 4x6inches photo paper.
(I just want to remind that when your printing your work use a borderless setting. ) And your
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