How To Make Battery Percentage Complete From 0 To 100


Pinoy Techie
Needed Files :
1. Apktool.apk
2. X-plore file manager.apk or any similar app
3. Your SystemUI.apk
4. Battery Icons + xml files.rar

(Based on MTK Device)
How :

- Copy your SystemUI.apk in any location of your sdcard and then decompile it

- Open the decompiled folder SystemUI_src and go to res > drawable and look for the xml files stat_sys_battery.xml and stat_sys_battery_charge.xml

- Extract the Battery Icons + xml files.rar and open the xml files.rar and you will see here the 2 xml files ; stat_sys_battery.xml and stat_sys_battery_charge.xml, copy and paste them into res > drawable of SystemUI_src folder. Click yes if ask to replace.

- Now, open the Battery Icons.rar, copy and paste all of the icons inside into res > drawable-hdpi of SystemUI_src folder. Click yes if ask to replace.

- Recompile the SystemUI_src folder.

- Extract your original SystemUI.apk and locate META-INF and AndroidManifest.xml, copy and paste it inside SystemUI_src.apk (choose replace if prompted).

- Push/install SystemUI_src.apk to the system of your device then set permission to rw-r-r(644) then reboot.


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