How to Mirror your Zenfone 5 to your Sony BRAVIA TV via Wi-Fi


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Things you need:

1. Sony Bravia TV w/ built-in Wi-Fi (Check your TV's manual if your TV is supported)
2. Zenfone 5 w/ Play-To service installed
3. Wi-Fi router w/ DHCP enabled preferrably seated near your TV set for strong coverage

Lets begin:

A. Prepare your Sony TV by enabling the built-in Wi-Fi

1. Press "Home" in your remote control
2. Go to System Settings under the Settings tab
3. Select Set-up tab
4. Select Wi-Fi Setup menu
5. Enable "Built-in Wi-Fi
6. Navigate to Device Name and set your TV's name to "Sony"
7. Navigate to "Home Network Setup" tab
8. Select Renderer Access Control and enable "Automatically Access Permission"
9. Power OFF and ON your TV

B. Preparing your Zenfone 5

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi
2. Swipe your quick settings and tap "Play-To"
3. Rename your detected Sony TV to "Sony" or similar to your setting above
4. Tap to select the device
5. Once connected you should see two connected Wi-Fi icons in your status bar. It means you are mirrored and connected on the internet at the same time.

CONGRATS! Your Zenfone 5 is now mirrored to your TV!

Me playing Boom Beach mirrored via Wi-Fi

This guide is still a work in progress. Please bare with me if you don't get the desired results. Feel free to suggest your ideas in the comment box.

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