How to Openline Pocket Wifi


Pinoy Techie
Tutorial and requirement
*google account
*huawei pocket wifi

your device IMEI(example: 869470071683453)
located usually at the back cover of pocket wifi

how to unlock Openline procedure: go to

sign in your Google account and type you IMEI

next step,if your pocket wifi model is not on the list leave it blank(Google pocket WIFIE5220 is not the list
click + 1 on the next page to view the results codeis very important so dont waste since you only have a few tries given

its also very important note:use NEW ALGO CODE ONLY using the old algo will result to permanent lock of your device. do at your own risk

insert other Sim to your pocket wifi(ex. insert smart sim on globe pocket wifi)

go to on your browser and the device will prompt for the unlock code.simply insert the 8 digit unlock code provided by the caculator.

you may use your or sun pocket wifi as usually


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