How to pair Ipega 9025 with android device


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1. Install iPega Game Center English version from the links below. This will serve as your IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad driver for your Android device. The file is an APK file named “IPEGA Game Center_ENG.apk“.

If you are not familiar with how to install an APK application on your device, you can check it from The file size is 18MB so you need to check your Android phone if you still have enough space for the install file and installation process.

2. Once you have installed the IPEGA Game Center successfully you need to enable BitGames IME as default input.

3. Then turn on the controller by pressing Y + Home button simultaneously. Wait until the red LED indicator blinks as it pairs with your device.

4. Once the red LED indicator blinks, you need to open now your IPEGA Game Center application from your Android device. Go to mydevice and bind controller.

5. A console will open. This will help you calibrate your controller. Try moving the joystick and the buttons.

Thats it
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