How to Partition Your SD Card Without PC


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The Android OS has lot of scope in development and user flexibility. This helps developers and users to modify the architecture of the system. The mobile can be modified in several ways. Thanks the Open source by Google.

Mobiles with low internal memory thrive a lot in terms of performance and usage. You can extend this limit by partitioning your SD card and expanding the ROM of your mobile. So let us know how to partition SD card and why is a partition needed.

What is Partitioning SD card?

In simple terms partitioning sd card is breaking your sd card into two parts and making one part accessible for mobile (making it as internal memory) and other part for user. No matter how large you make the partition, the more the internal space better the performance of the phone.

Why is it needed?

Primarily to increase the ROM of the mobile. To make the device link to the newly created partition. By this you can link the applications that are installed on phone memory to the created partition thus freeing up more internal space. Your mobile becomes faster and there will be lot of space available for you.

How it is done?

There are several ways by which you can partition your SD card. You can do it by few softwares available for PC. But this guide will show you how to make a partition without any tedious downloads and intense use of technical skills.


- This process may damage your SD card if misused. Proceed with caution. Do it on your own risk.


- After you created a secondary partition, every time when you connect your phone into a computer, Android will mount first partition and windows not recognize 2nd partition as a removable disk.

- Your files, phone’s camera images will be saved on 1st partition. So when you are creating a 2nd partition, give more space to the 1st partition.

- Your phone will be displayed your 1st partition size as the SD card size. 2nd partition is completely hidden to the user. This new partition can only recognize Link2SD app.

Requirements :

Rooted phone
ClockWorkMod (CWM)
Link2SD apk

How :

1. Back up all your files to your computer. Partitioning wipes the files of your SD card.
2. Go into recovery mode
3.Select “Advanced”
4. Select “Partition SD card”
5. Choose your SD-ext size (if you’re using a 2Gb SD card, choose 512Mb. If your SD card is4Gb or greater, you can choose 1024Mb)
6.Select 0 swap
7. Wait for the process to finish. Reboot.
8. Download and install Link2SD.
9. Open Link2SD, you will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 or FAT32. Chooseext2.
10. It will say mount script created. Reboot your phone now.
11. Open Link2SD and if the message doesn’t show up, you succeded.
12. Go to Link2SD>Settings>check the "Auto link" (to Automatically link newly installed applications to SD upon installation)
13. If you already have some apps, select “move to SD card” then after moving select “Create Link” (be sure to check the three files: app, dalvik-cache and library files)
14. To check your memory, select “Storage Info”. This will show you the current state of your internal memory, FAT32, and ext2 partition.
15. Now you’re done and ready to install vast amount of applications as you wish!

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