How to turn on ADOPTIVE / FLEX storage on Zenfone Max 6.0.1


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Note: Once you complete the procedure outlined below, you will have to format the SD card for use as internal storage so make sure to copy all files to your PC before converting your storage. Root is not required.

Once the SD Card has been formatted for flex storage, it will not be readable by ANY device except the phone that formatted it, and your phone will not function properly if the SD Card is removed and you use the phone. It will in effect, be part of your INTERNAL storage.

Download needed files to your PC:
Enable USB Debugging in Settings/Developer Options. To enable Developer Options, go to Settings/About/Software Information and click on Build Number 10-15 times.

Do NOT turn off your phone or go into Fastboot/CSC Mode.

Connect the phone to your PC
  • Open a command prompt in the folder window from the extracted files. (Shift+Right Click, Open Command Window Here)
  • Type in this command: adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true
  • Accept the pop-up prompt on the phone.
  • Go to Settings/Storage & USB
  • Click on SD Card, then click on the Menu at the top right (three dots)
  • Click on “Format as internal”
  • After formatting is complete, you can now transfer back the contents of the SD card.
  • It is recommended to use Class 10 SD Cards with a minimum transfer rating of 32.
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