How To Update To iOS 11 On Your iDevice Through iTunes & OTA


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iOS 11 is releasing on 19th September 2017 and it has tons of new improvements and features. to learn about iOS 11 go here -

for full changelog, head over to Settings>General>Software Update> Learn More. you can tap on Learn More once it shows you the new update. Please avoid asking what's new in iOS 11 when Apple already lists everything for you.

Supported list of iOS devices :
  • iPhone 5s & later
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation.
  • iPad Air & later
  • iPad Mini 2 & later

How to Update to iOS 11 directly on the device (Over-The-Air Software Updates)
1) First make sure you are not jailbroken. if you are jailbroken then use Cydia Eraser/Cydia Remover/OSRestoreX package to delete data or jailbreak contents.
2) your battery life should be above 50%. charge your device first.
3) Try to use Wi-Fi, do not use 3G or 4G/LTE to update your device.
4) take backup on iCloud else take backup on iTunes to be extra safe.
5) Go to Settings>General>Software Updates. wait for Apple to push the iOS 11 update on your device. tap on Download & Install. Agree to terms & conditions and wait for Apple to verify your update. if you are low on disk space then remove some of your data and give the update atleast 2GB of software space. You may encounter errors if you are low on space.
6) Once the update is downloaded, hit Install and wait for your device to install the update. your device will be rebooted with iOS 11

How to update to iOS 11 on iTunes (PC & Mac users) :
1) Update iTunes to the very latest version on your Windows & Mac. Apple has released iTunes 12.7 version with full iOS 11 support. you may also use iTunes 12.6.2
2) make sure all drivers are up to date on windows and USB ports are working fine.
3) Connect your iOS device to iTunes. Hit Trust this Computer if you get a prompt.
4) if Backup on iTunes is not set to computer then Click on the Backup now button on the Summary section and backup your data on your computer. here also you need tons of diskspace available as your whole device will be backed up. so make sure you are not running out of HDD space. avoid taking encrypted backups.
5) Once the backup is completed, go to the Summary tab and click on the Update button. Click "check" if iTunes prompts you. If the new update is available it will show you. click Update and click Agree to agree to terms & conditions. You will be asked to put passcode on your device if passcode or Touch ID is turned on.
6) iTunes will now start downloading iOS 11 on your computer and will update once its downloaded completely. Do not disconnect your device during the entire process. software updates requires internet to contact Apple servers so do not disconnect your internet connection. if you dont want to download firmware within iTunes then we will provide direct firmware links or go to ipsw dot me website..

Common problems during software updates :
1) If you are not getting software updates on your iOS device & iTunes then keep trying. Apple is pushing the updates to million of users and it could take some time.
2) if you are getting "Update Requested" message during over the air update then also you will have to wait for sometime. you will get a push notification once the update is ready for you.
3) To avoid memory issues, make some room for the software update on both your iOS device or on your computer.

Note for users who are running Developer Beta & Public Beta : Those of you who are still on developer beta or public beta prior to the GM release then you can still update to iOS 11 final version. if you are already running GM version then you will not receive update and your software tab should say "iOS 11.0 Your software is up to date" If Apple had any new changes in the version then everyone will get a new software update. you should not worry that you enrolled into a beta program. you can anytime download & restore a full firmware as well if you are not happy with OTA updates.

Lastly, we personally recommend you to use the iTunes method to update software. less chance of any update failure and its a smooth process. you also have iTunes backup if something goes wrong. Many people have fast internet connection so don't avoid iTunes update just because the firmware weighs 2 to 2.5GB.

How to update Apple Watch to watchOS 4
1) First make sure you have successfully installed iOS 11 on your iPhone.
2) Go to the Apple Watch app. tap General>Software Update. wait for the update to load. tap on Download & Install. Agree to terms & conditions. wait for it to verify your update. Keep your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi while it downloads the update to your watch.
3) Keep your watch in a bluetooth range of your phone. keep it plugged in to its charger and make sure you have atleast 50% battery on the watch. Your watch will reboot with watchOS 4 installed.
Note : if your watch gets unpaired automatically then it will prompt you to update to watchOS 4 the moment you launch the Watch app on your phone. Download the update and pair your watch again.

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