How to use Lenovo Power Manager


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How to use Lenovo power manager applicable to Lenovo a328 (android)

Solution Lenovo Power Manager can save battery power and maintain device performance by controlling both hardware and software. You can define customized configuration to balance between performance and battery life. The functions are demonstrated below. Fig 1 In main page you can view the battery level and estimated battery life (left charging time if you plug power source in). Fig 2
  1. Tap Optimize to enable automatic optimization on your power configuration. The optimization results will be listed and you can follow the instructions in each column to choose reasonable configuration.
  2. Tap each mode button to enable it. Normal: There is no significant influence on phone usage, but the power saving effect is ordinary. Power saving Mode: It will block apps in the background but saves power significantly. Emergency Mode: It only enables calling and messaging functions and disables all other functions for a standby time of several days.
  3. Tap menu button on the top left corner to see other settings and two useful tools.
  4. In Power consumption, it shows detailed consumption percentage of each part, both software and hardware. In Frozen apps, you can freeze rarely used apps to save power and reduce memory usage.

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