HPI File Tutorial


Pinoy Techie
This is a HPI Philippines Tutorial

How to create SSH Account
1. Go to browser and open skyssh.net or sshdropbear.net
2. Select the region or country better use Singapore, Japan, or Hongkong

3. Create desired user name and password

How to make HPI file
1. Input SSH account Created
2. Maker sure port is 443

3. Click tools
4. Select Payload Generator

5. Insert host domain to bypass example below

Host / Domain Input: Facebook.com
Method: Get
Injection: Back Injection
Payload Optional
Check Split
Header Optional
Check x-online-host
Check keep live
Check User Agent

6. Generate

7. Payload Editor, Proxy Port Input any ISP of Facebook or freedata site like:


Port is always 80
Listen port are  8888/8989/3128
8. Click Start

9. Click File
10. Export Config

11. Check all lock to prevent sniffing of config
12. Type anything in the notebox
13. Click export name of hpi file then save

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