Improve standby time using 3rd party root apps


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These steps will disable wake calls from apps and services that keep your device from entering sleep (Amplify, and 3C Toolbox Pro "active tweaks"), as well as forcing Intel Deep Sleep (cores 1-3 offline while screen is off, with the main core stuck in low frequency). This also forces WiFi and mobile data to turn off once the screen is off (will affect music streaming apps, ongoing downloads; you can disable this if you want, see Appendix).

These tweaks might give you minor performance reductions when you first turn on your screen after letting the device sleep, as your apps will have to reload. These tweaks are also easily reversed, simply uninstalling the app (or clearing app data) will revert the tweaks to their original settings.

Don't request for a video guide, I don't really have a spare camera.. The guide is also pretty straightforward, and you shouldn't need additional screenshots. If you don't get something, and I'm online, I'll be glad to help (pero wag spoonfeed please, or I might leave you hanging pag nainis ako haha).


This guide is provided as-is. Don't blame me for anything you did with these apps that messed up your device if they are not included in this guide.

  1. Ensure you have root access. If you don’t, follow the rooting guide for Jelly Bean or KitKat. Be aware of the risks of rooting your device.
  2. Install “Xposed Installer”. Open, then grant root access. Go to “Framework”, and install Xposed Framework. Reboot.
  3. Install “Amplify”. Open “Xposed Installer”, go to “Modules”, and enable Amplify. Reboot.
  4. Open “Amplify”, then grant root access. Limit every alarm, service and wakelock that you can (non-donate versions warn you if something can't be limited), and is under “Safe to limit”, to 600 seconds.
  5. Install “3C Toolbox Pro”. Open, then grant root access. Swipe to the middle pane, scroll to the very bottom, and go to “All app settings, help and support”.
  6. Go to “Active tweaks”, then “Auto-kill”. Turn on“Force-stop apps”, “Widgets are refreshed”, “Screen is turned on”, “Screen is turned off”, and “Device is low on memory”.
  7. Go back, go to “Boot settings”, then go to “Boot profile”. Tap the first menu icon (3 vertical dots at upper right), then edit. Set “Gov.” to “ondemand”, "Max." to "1.6GHz", "Min." to "800MHz", and set Cores 1-3 to “online”. Save by tapping “OK”.
  8. Tap the second menu icon (3 vertical dots at lower right), then edit. Set “Gov.” to “ondemand", “Max.” to “933MHz”, “Min.” to “800MHz”, then set Cores 1-3 to “offline”. Save by tapping “OK”.
  9. Enjoy your longer standby time.
To disable auto-turn off of WiFi and mobile data for music streaming purposes, follow these instructions.
  1. Open "3C Toolbox Pro", and go back to "All app settings, help and support". Go to "Active tweaks", "Boot settings", then "Boot profile".
  2. Tap the second menu icon (3 vertical dots at lower-right), then edit.
  3. Go to "Components", then set "Wi-Fi" and "Mobile Data" to "n/a". Tap "OK" to save.

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