Install Lazmux Kali Linux Tools for Android


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So eto na yung sinasabi ko! Follow the steps guys!
  1. Download termux (you can download it here
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    or sa playstore)
  2. Syempre open mo then wait mo mag install
  3. After mag install type this "Apt update && apt upgrade" without ""
  4. Pag tapos na eto naman "Pkg install python"
  5. Next, "Pkg install python2"
  6. Last, "Pkg install git"
  7. Installing na tayo, type this "Git clone https://github.Com/gameye98/lazymux" then hit enter
  8. Wait nyo lang mag install, and pag tapos na type "Ls"
  9. Next, type "Cd lazymux"
  10. Type "Chmod +x *"
  11. Last, "Python2 lazymux.Py"
Charaaan!! Done na! Kung may katanungan feel free to comment!


Post pa ako ibang tools soon! Abang abang lang!

Ang lazymux ay pwed
master, meron ka po ba tutorial nito if sa 04 (password attacks) ang pipiliin ko dito?
wifi hacking po ba itong 04 password attacks?

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