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IP Hunter tutorial for pocket wifi and modem b315s-936 with version 3.1.2. Below are the basic steps and tutorial for pocket wifi:

Installtion of tr0janz08 IP Hunter
1. Download and Install Tampermonkey by Jon Biniok

2. Install the IP hunter script here by tr0janz08

3. Install with Tempermonkey

How to use tr0janz08 IP Hunter
1. Open the modem dashboard
2. Initially you will need to type your username and password then save changes. Note this tool will automatically function every time you access the dashboard.

How to Update tr0janz08 IP Hunter
1. By default the tool upates periodically you can change the time interval though on the scrip update section

2. To get the latest updates you can click the "Tampermonkey icon" then click "Check for userscript updates".

This tutorial was tested on the following models
  • E5330Bs-2
  • B315s-936
  • E3531
  • E5330cs-82
and the following web gui
Credits to tr0janz08 https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/26086-ip-hunter-by-tr0janz08
Disclaimer: This tool is for educational purposes only.
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