iPad Lettering Mini Tutorial


Pinoy Techie
Here's another fun effect for your Procreate lettering! Let me know if you like this style or if you have any questions below!

Letter the word(s) you want to outline

Create 2 new layers behind the lettering. Name the middle layer "Spacing" and the bottom layer "Outline"

Tap the topmost layer and choose "Select" from the flyout menu. Tap the middle layer and click to fill with a contrasting color.

Gaussian blur the middle layer however large you want the space to be between the letters and the outline.

Select the lettering and "Clear" it from the middle layer. It may look like you cleared everything but you didn't.
Duplicate the middle layer (with the blurred outline) a million times until solid.

If you get pixellated edges - select the middle layer and tap to "Inverse" your selection. Inverse looks like two arrows pointing inwards to make a square.

Go over the spacing layer with an eraser and then tap to clear any remaining pixels. You should have a sharp edge now.

When you're satisfied with the solidity of your spacing layer, select it and fill the bottom "Outline" layer with a contrasting color. Repeat the above steps by gaussian blurring the layer however thick you want the outline to be.

Hide the middle "spacing" layer and enjoy your outlined lettering!

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