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Pinoy Techie
A very quick mini tutorial for you to try out this weekend! I have been playing with all sorts of wonderful color combinations with my watercolor brushes, and I really like the purple and Tiffany blue combination.

So - here we go:
1 Create your lettering using the Watercolor Calligraphy brush and the Watercolor template
2 Alpha lock the layer by 2-finger swiping to the right
3 Select a different color
4 Change the brush to the Wet Brush and slightly decrease the opacity of the brush
5 Create your watercolor streaks, it's best to start a little carefully and slowly add in more strokes
6 Watch how nicely the colors blend together!
7 Try other color combos to see which ones you like the most
If you like this tutorial - you might also like to learn many more colouring techniques in my iPad Bootcamp - have a look on the recommended courses page on my website!

iPad Pro 12.9", iOS11, Procreate 4, are 'IPL Watercolor Calligraphy', 'IPL Wet Brush'

Made with the Procreate app on iPadPro with ApplePencil. Check bio for more info about Procreate custom brushes and practice sheets

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