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I received a number of PM inquiries re the all black home screen shown below. Tested this on my 7 ios 10.1 and older devices (5s,6) on 10.1 as well.

Here's the link http://heyeased.weebly.com/hide-dock-wallpapers.html


Update: it seems like hindi available for plus devices na naka 10.2 yung solid black. Sa 10.1 available parin po - refer to section B. Sa mga naka 10.2 may gray and that's the closest you can get for a dark home screen, may ibang colors din,refer to section A.

A.These are your options nalang. Go to the site and open the links na ok sa inyo.

Magic Gradient
150 color combinations
Magic Pastel
10 color combinations
Strange dock
20 color combinations
Magic round folders gray
Try this, its the next thing to black
Stoic 4
Parang dirty white

B. For 10.1 go to the link and scroll down doon sa "obsolete hide dock" click it.
For 10-10.1 there you'll see black and ibang single color.

C. Para malaman kung compatible sa device mo
1st check saang ios version pwede.
Then saang device version pwede. 6P/7P pertains to 6plus ,6s plus & 7 plus. Meron din pang 9.x and 8.x check nyo nalang sa site.

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