iPhone Battery Maintenance


Many people have been asking me on how do I maintain good battery health on my iPhone. This is worth reading especially if you're a heavy user of any iOS device.

Before I give the tips, lemme share something first.


I am a huge fan of Apple or any iOS devices. I started using iPhone way back 2007, which is the first flagship device of Apple, the iPhone 2G. Now, I am an iPhone 7 user, using it for almost 2 years but still have 97% of battery health.

(Sorry don't have enough budget to buy iPhone XS max as of the moment)
But I still have my lower generation iPhones.

Our phones go with us everywhere, even in water. (Nowadays, smartphones have Ingress Protections) So that means we are also consuming our battery's life hardly.

I've been seeing posts and questions with regards to Battery Health of iOS device which they said, was degrading fastly for unknown reason. Lemme correct that, there is a reason why this thing happens.

So here are some tips on how we can prevent that.

Do not let your phone reach 20%, or lower, or even the first warning for low power mode as it may lead to damaging your battery, causing your battery health to be degraded thoroughly. If you have your charger and a power source with you, charge your phone even if it's still 30% or higher. Charging your phone consecutively ain't bad. In fact, it is a good practice for your battery.

Using your phone while charging ain't bad too. Just make sure, to use "certified/authentic" charger from Apple. If you have some extra budget, I would highly recommend you to buy the 12 watts version of wall charger rather than the 5 watts, which is in the picture. I know it is very costly but trust me, it's very worth it. It will charge your phone even faster.

Just because it is indicated above that your phone is already 100% doesn't mean it is fully charged. The indicator above is just a measure and is not totally accurate. So I would advise to still charge it for 10-15 minutes for a fully charged battery.

Overcharging is not an issue with the batteries of iPhone because its battery has its own memory, which automatically stops receiving power when fully charged.

To maximize your phone's battery life:
  • Turn off the Background App Refresh
  • To turn it off, Go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh and turn the toggle off.
  • Turn off Hey Siri if it's not necessary.
  • Turning off the Wifi and the Bluetooth in the Control Center doesn't mean it is already off. It just disconnects your phone to any connection but still has battery consumption. Always turn it off in the settings.
  • Always force close apps after using.
  • Do not use Low Power Mode as it will weaken your phone's power resulting for poor performance and slower processes. This will consume more energy.
  • Set your phone's auto lock to 1 minute, or 30 seconds to save battery life.
  • Buy your own powerbank so you'll never have to worry for getting into low power.
  • Restart your phone atleast once or twice a day. This will clean your RAM and improve you phone's performance.
  • Turn off raise to wake up.
  • Auto brightness is advisable rathen than adjusting it manually.

If ever I will know some new tricks and tips for iOS devices, I will post it in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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