Kissenger a gadget to simulate kissing


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Have you ever been in a long distance relation ship and you need to kiss that person? Imagineering Lab at City University London might have found the solution, with a gadget called Kissenger. Thats right they build a gadget that attached to your phone and simulate the kiss from each end.


Currently the prototype supports iOS devices sorry android you have to wait a bit longer, the device is designed like a phone cover that plugs into the audio jack also sorry for iPhone 7 owners you dont have audio jacks.

The device then sends data to your phone in the internet real time then move the actuators that reproduce those smooching. Note that this will be a two way motion so both of you feel what each partners kisses.


The device will need its on app though as i dont suppose regular messenger knows that you are kissing on your end except for using emoji's.

Source: Kissenger
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