Legit Method to get Real Money on PayPal [see proof]


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Hello there, I just wanna share this method I used to get real money on my paypal account.

This method still working and very easy just follow this steps.

Register and claim 1.80$

Click this link:

note* this will give you a 18 diamonds or 20 if you are lucky.

after you register it will redirect on playstore and just dl the app.

After that just log in on your google account and boom.

Go to freebies and see you earned 18-20 diamonds.

Diamond rate
5 diamond: 0.50$
10 diamond :. 1$
20 diamond : 2$
48 diamond : 5$

If you got 20 diamonds. You can easily cash out on your paypal accounts. Cheers*

I provided link for the proof of payment. Have fun. Please do not abuse.

View: https://imgur.com/K1eSe75

View: https://imgur.com/k6emV9s

View: https://imgur.com/v2yXgTE

View: https://imgur.com/aSoDEKd

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