LG Spirit H440Y LTE Philippines Discussion


Discussion thread for all LG Spirit H440Y LTE owners, buyers, or just seeking additional information in Philippines, in here we can discuss about the following:

Store Prices
- Retails prices from stores
- Upcoming promotion sales
- Phone giveaways

Firmware and OS Updates
- What are the current available firmware updates, patches and updates

Hardware Problems
- Defective or broken parts
- Parts replacement

Support Experience
- How to get in touch with support
- Support experience may it be positive or negative

- Why you like the phone any pro's and cons
- personal reviews and opinions

LG Spirit H440Y LTE Specs and Info:
  • G Spirit LTE ver. features 4.7 inch display with Android 5.0 Lollipop,
  • 1.2 processor, and 8GB memory, 1GB RAM.
Stock ROM
(to be updated)

Custom ROM
(to be updated)

Custom Recovery
(to be updated)

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