List of Free Notification Center Widgets For iOS 8


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iOS 8 brought many features to iPhones, iPod Touch & iPads this year but one of the most anticipated feature of iOS 8 were widgets. after months of realease of iOS 8, App Store is now flooded with apps that adds widgets to Notification Center. Some popular apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google News, Yahoo! Weather have their own widgets. Below you will find the list that only does the job as a widget on any iOS 8 running device. Download them, place them in Notification Center and customize it the way you want.

How To Enable Widgets in Notification Center :

Step 1 : Download the app first from App Store.
Step 2 : Pull down Notification Center and go to Today tab.
Step 3 : Tap on the big Edit button.
Step 4 : Find the widget in the list of "Do not include. Press the green + button to add.
Step 5 : Place them at the top or bottom. That's upto you.

Note : Some widgets can impact battery life of your device. Some widgets may require internet or location services enabled.

List of Notification Center Widgets :

Wdgts - A Collection of Awesome Notification Center Widgets :

Widget - Add Custom Widgets to Notification Center (Today View) :

Vidgets :

TimeWidget - Notification Widgets :

Countdowns with Widget :

N Stats :

iMonitor for iOS8 :

Quickiee - Super Fast Social Networking and Shortcuts :

Week Widget :

MiniMonth :

Day+ (Date countdown & Today widget) :

SnapStats: Device Stats & Info With Today View Widget :

Clips - Copy and paste anywhere with widget and keyboard :

Cheatsheet Quick Reference and Notes :

Usage Widget :

Music Center :

Timer Stopwatch Widget :

World Clocks Widget :

TextFlight : Note Widget on Notification Center :

Musica - Widget Player :

Countdown Widget :

Widgets. :

Countdowns - Widget for counting days left to events :

D-Day Widget :

DDayWidget :

d-Today :

FortuneApp Widget - Your daily: Fortune Coockie Messages, Lucky Numbers and Lucky Colors! :

What's Your Sign :

Top Chart Widget - Music, Movie, Video Rental, Book, App Ranking for iTunes :

Currency Today Widget :

Rate Sentry :
Network Utility for iOS :

News Widget :

Clippy - Clipboard Widget Manager :

Copyfeed - organize everything you copy with a widget :

Photo Widget - Christmas and New Year :

Wikify :

Is It Down? – Uptime Checker Widget :
EmergenKit personal PANIC alarm and Lost&Found widget :

RepWatch - Stopwatch and Rep Counter Widget :

allstats :

Weather + clock :

Quick Post - Quickly Post In A Single Tap :

My Widgets :

WidgetMax Widgets Collection :

Bitcoin Widget :

System Info Widgets :

Widget Timer - Simple Kitchen Timer for Notification Center :

Quote Widget - Collections of Inspiring Famous Quote everyday :

My Time Zones Widget - instant world clock :

Barometer+widget for iPhone 6 :

READ Widget :

Quick Red - Today Widget for reddit :

Today Center :

WidgetCal(Notification Calendar/Reminder) :

Quick Memo Widget :

IGWidget : Widget For Instagram :

BatteryExtension :

SNOWidget - The Most Magical Widget Ever :

NewYearWidget :

YoBu :

Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus - Widget to fast chat with friends :

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