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Please be advised that asking for the password, passcode, firmware, EFI lock, cloud bypass is NOT allowed on this group or on any other decent group out there.

whatever your reasons are and even if legit or authentic reasons like forgotten PW and all is not a reason to for asking help. any member here that provided a response for such is not allowed either. likewise, a "PM me" response is not allowed too. we are not implying anything and we are not saying you are one. but, it's better to be safe than to help a thief. what we can advise you is to bring the device to apple or call apple and prove ownership.

if you're not the owner then ask the owner to log it out for you. if that is not possible either then there is nothing we can do.

Please be advised that piracy is not allowed in this group or on any other decent group out there. asking for free links and cracks and software that are supposed to be paid is not allowed. commenting and replying for the same is not allowed either. replying "PM me" on that particular issue is not allowed too. sharing licenses for those apps that are bought or paid is not allowed either.

due to a number of posts and comments regarding this sensitive issue, I would just like to reiterate what's the admin team's policy regarding this concern.antivirus. whatever your beliefs are and whatever and whosoever taught you whether they are tech or what regarding Antivirus on MacBook, we respect you for it...if you like to have antivirus for your MacBook then it's your call...we will not condemn you for it...we will not kick you out..your machine and your rules of course, however, we DO NOT permit PROMOTION OF IT here.go find any decent MacBook pages out there that can agree with you on that end and good luck with that.

NO Windows-like SELF - INSTALLING VIRUS can infect your MacBook unless you allowed it via typing in your admin my good old friend Ed use to say "show me proof" of any of the likes and we are all ears for it.the best antivirus for Mac is the OWNER itself.

highly argumentative instances and debates where fought and happened on this group regarding the said issue. hence, we do not tolerate the thread anymore. same goes for mackeeper(geeez why on earth did that program came to existence?) do not install it...if you did then again your machine your rules...we respect you for it.just respect our rules too.

For all the members here, keep an open mind always when using your machine. ALWAYS PLUG IN YOUR MacBooks. do not calibrate it. do not drain it. do not let it go down below 50% either. when it reaches 100%, it stays at 100%.

IT WILL NOT OVER CHARGE. MacBooks 2009 onwards has new battery tech from apple. you don't have to worry about overcharging. if your practice about battery maintenance differs from what we and the other apple pages out there have been telling and teaching you, then it's alright. your machine, your rules. we will not kick you from this group. just don't promote it here.

please check out the group rules too. its the pinned post by Admin Teejay

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