Macbook Pro 13 Touchbar Or NonTouchbar ?


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I would like to highly recommend the non touch bar version, there are several reason why.


Touchbar Version have almost doubled tdp watt processor in other side the performance not even worth
as far i know for 2017 version , the nontouchbar version use i5-7360u 2.3ghz (6080 points benchmark) #15watt tdp and the touchbar version use i5-7267u 3.1ghz (5350 points benchmark) #28watt tdp

as you can see by yourself, its kind of jokes to go for touch bar version for processor, its insane, you doubled up the tdp and the performance even worse, okay, on the spec sheet you 'll get the base clock speed a lot faster 2.3ghz vs 3.1ghz , but in the end overall performance is not even better than non touch bar version. , for the base clock speed its not like you 'll be throttling 3.1ghz for daily task all the time, and for chassis, this thin, its not like the thermal would help for 28watt tdp , even they have doubled up the fan.

okay,, enough talking about performance, next we talk about power consumption, if talk about thoretically , it means that for optimum load , the chipset will consumption 15watt/hour for non touchbar , and 28watt/hour for the touchbar version . if we talking about performance per watt , we will got this result 6080points / 15watt = 405points/watt for non touchbar , and 5350points / 28watt = 191points/watt for touchbar version.

then performance/watt is place winner for non touchbar version.

2.Battery Consumption
This is the list battery pack specsheet : Non Touchbar 54.5watt/hour(i5-7360u,2.3ghz,15watt/hour) Touchbar Version 49.2watt/hour(i5-7267u,3.1ghz,28watt/hour)

if we gonna do simple calculation of power draining we can just do like this non touchbar = 54.5/15 = 3.6 hour of time usage touchbar version= 49.2/28 = 1.7 hour of time usage

okay okay , i know both of them can be decreasing configurable tdp down then this is the specsheet non touchbar configurable to 9.5watt/hour and touchbar version configurable to 23watt/hour do the math again

non touchbar = 54.5/9.5 = 5.7 hour of time usage touchbar version = 49.2/23 = 2.1 hour of time usage

thats the time you get for battery life you push your macbook pro 13 to the limit , but still thats not sum with other peripherals like display,ram ,ssd and spakers power consumption yet .

3.Touchbar vs Funtion Key
I know that touchbar is good looking , but for functionallity , big no!!

durable , you can assume that led touch panel get really along time with you , but what do you think for the real clicky mechanism will get along , click mechanism will be lot more durable .

power consumption ,as you know from processor the touchbar version is draining more faster battery life , this also happen to your touchbar itself , the touchbar itself need power to light up , but behind that , the touchbar need more power , did you know for what ? the power processing for touchbar , graphical processing for touchbar , this time you can imagine how much power draining from the "touchbar" itself

functionality , when you go outside , the sun lights up , your screen can compromise that sun , how about that touchbar panel ,, haha ,, the one who owns can answer this ., in the other condition , you are inside your home at night , and need to work all night long , and you need your dark room to stay comfort with your macbook ,you will find the touchbar really anoyying (more less) , when the room at dark light , you will lower the brightness of the screen , and also lower the brightness of your keyboard backlight ,, and this new butterfly mechanism keybord is really insanely good , the backlight of keyboard is more efficient , less backlight leak from each key , and just the letter itself light up properly , but , with touchbar version, you will get really annoying , the light from touchbar is not dark as other ambient light in keyboard area , your eyes will get anoyying from that lights up panel.

and also from other big reviewer mention that , when you gonna to use touchbar , you must look at it , you cannot just feel it just like mechanism of keyboard , when you look into the touchbar , it will distract your concentration from your screen.

but still , the touchbar version have benefit from 4 port of thunderbolt 3 port , touchID and also slightliy better graphics performance intel iris pro 650 (1488points) vs intel iris pro 640 (1768 points) . and i agree with that .

really welcome to discuss openly , especially if you come from computer engineering ,electrical engineering or any other engineering background, not from computer science (because we talk about technically).
best regards.

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