Mark Zuckerberg finished building and coding Jarvis


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Mark Zuckerberg one of the tech billionaires who founded facebook just finished building and coding an AI to control his home called Jarvis which is inspired for Marvel's Tony Stark.

The initial idea is have a central ai that controls home systems like lights, doors, sonos, cameras, toasters using voice commands by recognizing speech recognition, language processing and facial recognition.


He's initial problems are how are all this device going to interact each other the solution may look simple but is more of centralizing the process from user input using cetrain interfaces as voice apps, messenger, and door cameras. This are then processed by the AI unto the devices.

The AI only responds to hes voice commands with a soothing Morgan Freeman voice the speaks mandarin awesome right!

Some features it includes:
  • Voice Recognition
  • Open the windows
  • Set room temperature
  • Play Song
  • Canonball shirts
  • Toast timer
  • Speak Mandarin
  • Morgan Freeman Voice
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • and more.

Now lets just wait for Zuckerberg to start building the Iron Man suite.

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