Mavericks Installation Guide for Dell Inspiron 14 3442


Pinoy Techie
Install & Configure Niresh’s Mavericks on Dell Inspiron 14 3442

Tested by Muntashir Akon

Things needed to be downloaded:

1. * OSX_Mevericks.dmg from Niresh Mavericks.torrent
2. * Win32 Disk Imager
3. Paragon HFS+ (for windows)
4. MultiBeast for Mavericks from
5. * Slytherin from

* Download link:!Cc01iaIS!JuWJT__3AsFXvABgSDauKAGo-kgqMU3xdkkTVmfngDU

Note: MultiBeast for Mavericks is not included due to Copyright Law.

Installation process:

- Write OSX_Mavericks.dmg into USB via Win32 Disk Imager
- Boot from USB with ‘xpcm-free -v’ and install. After completion system will reboot automatically.
- Press any key to prevent defaults.
- Choose the HDD where you install Mavericks and boot with ‘-v -s’.
- After sometime, a terminal will appear (with root).
- Input these commands:

# mount -uw /

# cd /System/Library/Extensions/

# rm -rf AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

# reboot

At this system will once again reboot.

- It should successfully complete the setup. If not, try to boot with ‘-v -x’ (safe mode) or ‘-v -f’

Post Installation:

- Now boot with windows or linux (live cd will work)
- For windows:

* Install Paragon HFS+ (reboot might be needed)

* Copy MultiBeast and Slytherin to the Mac OS HDD.

For Linux:

* Copy MultiBeast and Slytherin to the Mac OS HDD (with root otherwise might not work for the lack of permission)

- Boot into Mavericks with ‘-v PCIRootUID=1’ (sometimes ‘-f’ might also needed)
- MultiBeast for Mavericks setup: (EasyBeast profile)

Ensure that all the items describing below are present:

Quick Start > EasyBeast
Drivers > Disk > 3rd party SATA
Drivers > Misc > ElliottForceLegacyRTC
Drivers > Misc > Ev0reboot
Drivers > Misc > FakeSMC v6.9.1315
Drivers > Misc > NullCPUPowerManagement
Drivers > Misc > PS/2 Keyboard/Mic and Touchpads
Drivers > Misc > USB 3.0 - Universal
Drivers > System > Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement > OS X 10.9.0
Drivers > System > AppleRTC patch for COMOS Reset
Bootloaders > Chimera v3.0.1
Customize > Boot Options > Basic Boot Options
Customize > Boot Options > GraphicsEnabler=Yes
Customize > Boot Options > UseKernelCache=Yes
Customize > System Definitions > Mac Pro > Mac Pro 3,1
Customize > Themes > tonymacx86 Black

Now reboot with ‘-v -f -s’. After sometime, a terminal will be visible where input these commands:

# mount -uw /

# cd /System/Library/Extensions/

# rm -rf AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

# reboot

Now reboot with ‘PCIRootUID=1’.

- Slytherin EPV setup:

ONLY select these items below:
Drivers > Network > Ethernet > Realtek > Realtek8100
Drivers > Trackpad&keyboard > Synaptic Touchpad


* 1st one is for ethernet RTL8111G or RTL8106E that comes with Dell Inspiron 14 3442
* 2nd one is to allow full touchpad support

Now rebuild kernel cache with your favorite app.


- Fix Audio: (ALC3234 = ALC255)

Install these kext from!SY8jhQAT!Lcq3KFbBKwircReyLcqUuYlARvxtPNAWxIFMB6sRxqU

* AppleHDA.kext
* HDAEnabler.kext


Install CodecCommander from
Now rebuild kernel cache and reboot.


- The wireless driver (dell1705 = AR9565) is not supported.
- In order to login with AppleID, ethernet cable must be on BSD ‘en0’. You can check it via system info (About this mac > more info > System Report > Hardware > Ethernet Cards > BSD Name).

If not set to ‘en0’, do the following:
go to System Preferences > Network and delete all the networks.
delete /Library/Preferences/System Configuration/NetworkInterfaces.plist and reboot.
Then set your network info again via System Preferences.

- External keyboard and mouse might be needed.

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