MegaMGC Huawei Pocket Wifi Tutorial (Globe TM Only)


Pinoy Techie
Basic Tutorial on how to use MGC echi to Huawei Pocket Wifi

  1. Click the Settings icon in upper right corner of Huawei Hilink
    (Network/APN and click the ➕ icon to create new APN)
    APN NAME:My Globe Connect

  2. Click Back to save
  3. Open HTTP Injector App and Start the injection service
  4. Wait until connected
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MGC Pocket Wifi Troubleshooting:
  • Unable to connect to host
    Stop and Start again the HTTP Injector
  • See Log and Stucked to Start Tunnel Service
    Turn off and on again the Mobile Data in Huawei Hilink app then Start again HTTP Injector
    Maybe you're Pocket WiFi's SIM is blocked or uncompatible to MGC
Note: For Globe/TM only

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