Microsoft Security Essential on Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Security Essential on Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus program for your computer, and provides real time protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

By default windows server 2012 is not supported to run this program. Microsoft Security Essential design for Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or 2), Windows 7. However if you are looking for secure and trusted antivirus Microsoft Security Essential is one of the best option to choose.

Microsoft Security Essential installation Guide for Windows Server 2012.
  1. Download Microsoft Security Essential from Microsoft website.
  2. If your computer running a 64-bit operating system download


  3. If your computer running a 32-bit operating system download the

2. Copy the downloaded file to Drive C:\ , right click to select properties, select the Compatibility tab, check “Run compatibility mode” at the drop down menu select Windows 7.


3. Check ” Run this program as an administrator” then click apply.

4. Open the command prompt ” Press and hold the Windows Key + R” to open RUN window, type CMD and click okay.


5. To change to root directory type the following to the command prompt and press enter


6. While on the root directory type the following and press enter.

mseinstall.exe /disableoslimit


7. Once the installer extracts and run , select NEXT


8. Click Accept on Microsoft Software and Online Service License Terms

9. Select if you want to ” Join the Customer Improvement Program” or “I do not want to join the program at this time, then press Next

10. check on ” if no firewall is turned on, turn on Windows Firewall (Recommended)” and ” Turn on automatic sample submission.” and click Next.


11. Click install at Ready to install Microsoft Essential window

12. Check “Scan my computer for potential threats after getting the latest updates” and click Finish

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