Mikrotik Initial Setup

Mikrotik is a network equipment manufacturing company based in Latvia.

Connecting to Mikrotik
  • Using your UTP cable plug the one end to your desktop/Laptop lan port and the other end to Port 2 of your Mikrotik Router.
  • Change your LAN IP address to (u can use ip address from to 254)
  • Open command prompt (cmd) and ping , this is the default IP address of Mikrotik Router. You have to do this to check if your Mikrotik was connected.

– If the result of ping is reply this is mean your Mikrotik is connected. If request timeout meaning their is a problem with your connection. Check your IP address and your UTP cable.
  • Open your Internet browser, at type at the address bar and press enter.
  • Under login type admin and click login. By default password is blank, no need to enter anything under password.
  • Change the IP address from to click Apply Configuration and okay.

Connecting to a device
  • Download the latest version of Winbox
  • Run the Winbox utility program
  • Type password empty (blank)
  • Navigate to Neighbors
– Winbox Neighbors discovery will discover all routers on the broadcast network

  • If you see your Mikrotik router on the list, select and click connect.

Other option to connect is by entering the IP address.


Next step is to add password to your Mikrotik

  • At the button you will find the field for password, type your desire password and click apply
  • Or at the Menu bar at the left click System click users, double click admin and click password.

Connecting to the internet
From the LAN port of your ISP modem plug the UTP cable to Port 1 or Internet Port o your Mikrotik. At the configuration area check what mode you prefer its either Router mode or Bridge mode.
  • Bridge mode – let you connect two routers without the risk of performance issues. This also disable the NAT features on the modem and allow a router to function as a DHCP server without an IP address conflict.
Choice what your internet connection static , Automatic or PPoE. Most of the residential DSL internet connection use Dynamic connection and some use PPoE. If you dont know what type is your internet connection you may call your Internet service provider.
  • If you have existing DHCP server unchecked the DHCP server

Adding DNS
At the menu bar click IP then click DNS then add your DNS you can you free DNS of Google for secondary DNS


Setting Mikrotik Clock
Go to Menu bar click system then click clock. Adjust base on your location.


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