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MIUI Express/Lite MIUI 6 Version Released: An Extraordinary Visual Feast!

Since MIUI 6 is released, many of you have been asking when will your non-Xiaomi device get MIUI 6. The bad news is that there's no word about it yet, the good news is that you can have a taste of MIUI 6 on your phone now using MIUI Express!

Core Features:

MIUI Launcher
- Unique themes created by renowned designersCustomization on another level

MIUI Dialer
- Refined call experienceBlock unwanted calls

MIUI Messaging
- Free cloud messaging with MIUI usersBlock spam texts

Mi Cloud
- Sync your contacts, SMS and imagesStore & access content conveniently

Recommended specs
- Non-MIUI ROM devices with Android 4.0 and above, 2GB and above RAM (recommended, 1 GB RAM also supported), 100MB storage space available


- Brand new MIUI 6 UI
- Cloud message supports voice messages- Support swiping up using two fingers in Messaging to enter private messaging


- Brand new MIUI 6 UI
- Cloud message supports voice messages
- Private messaging (Swipe up using two fingers)
- Smart IP dialing
- Added phone ringtone option in Settings


- Theme details page
- Settings page UI
- Home screen layouts for some devices
- Ported some devices' icons

[Fix] - Sometimes, dialing pad didn't show the numbers- For some devices, system lockscreen wallpaper would show when lock the phone for the first time after applying a new theme

- Could not add some messages to blocklist again if they were restored to Messaging from blocklist once- Home screen icons would lose after installing a new app if the last screen is full with apps
- Prompt for logging into Xiaomi account would show twice
- Sometimes Contacts would crash if exited contact details page quickly
- Search box in dailing page was too narrow in some devices
- Contacts would crash if choose to select contacts avatars from photo package
- Could not select in some messages when editing them - Mail supported adding recipients to blocklist- Messaging didn't response after selecting all text in a message for some devices
- Closing Toolbox would cause crash in home screen editing mode- Notification shade always showed an app is installing after its update was completed
- Dual-SIM devices SIM 2 could not sync call logs
- Some devices would crash after adding widgets
- Phone could not be unlocked after lock/unlock it quickly twice- Some devices could not set MIUI Express as default launche

r- For some devices, call logs with a person did not update timely if called them from the contact details page- Swipe up using one finger would cause crash in some dual-SIM devices

- For some devices, if set contacts avatars in MIUI Express, they would display abnormally in stock system
- Some devices didn't show call logs- Syncing contacts to Mi Cloud would cause crash- Updating weather info would cause crash- Sometimes, widgets in the dock would disappear in home screen editing mode
- It often returned to home screen automatically when using an app
- Sometimes, diall pad didn't respond

Download link: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/5e2dd843
Credits: MIUI

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