New S10+ GBWhatsapp issue - can't use whatsapp web or start a new message.


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Hi, I'm hoping someone can assist me here, I failed miserably at transferring over my previous chats from my s9 to my s10+ via for GBwhatsapp. I admittedly was messing with the folder structure on the phone and made some obvious mistakes. GBwhatsapp will load now however I can't initiate a new message (it just brings me right back to the initial screen) what's app web won't work either. How do I completely start from scratch and resolve any issues with corrupted folders or cache?


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I am using YO Whatsapp Apk which is a modified app just like GBWhatsapp this is a very easy way to transfer previous conversation to this app first you need to have backup of whatsapp chat if you have backup So just open your app. After opening, just like you open an account by giving a number in WhatsApp, enter the number in this app, then you will get a message which will contain a confirmation code. Enter this code in this app. And as soon as you do this, this app will ask you to transfer your previous conversation here, all you have to do is hit the OK button and all your chat backups will come in this app.


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I think maybe you messed up the folders, causing the orientation of the files to get mixed up, causing your data conversion to be interrupted. The new message couldn't be started because it couldn't find the file in your data.


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