Note 8 Freezes


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I have a Note 8 that I received on the 28 October 2017 and from the first week I have been experiencing problems with the phone. These are as follows;

1. The phone randomly reboots itself when it is in idle. This happens when the phone is fully charged or partially charged. It will go for some four days with no problems then starts to shut down and reboot.

2. The phone freezes when using certain Apps. I have uninstalled these Apps and reinstalled them, but the problem remains. When the phone freezes it gets warm and after some 20 seconds the phone reboots itself. Then the battery level has decreased by some 5˜10%

3. Google Chrome App constantly crashed after about 30 seconds. I have Opera and Firefox on the phone and no issues.

Looking at the internet there have been various problems with the S8, S8+ and the Note 8 since last November 2017 and Samsung keep promising a fix for the same.

Does anyone else have these issues and if so, any solutions as it is maddening?


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