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Nxd 8 Boot Manager is now available!

Features : NxD Boot Manager


Data set

The operating system and software data required by the internal client are all centralized on the virtual disk server. Different departments or individuals use the same or different operating systems and software as needed. Software installation, system upgrade, hard disk backup, data migration, etc. Need to operate on one machine.

Safe and stable

The client's data is concentrated in the server. The client cannot make any modifications to the operating system and software of the computer. It completely eliminates the client system problems caused by virus infection and employee misoperation. The server uses a proprietary Linux system and data security. It is guaranteed with stability.

Desktop uniformity

Employees use the same operating system and software. Employees cannot change the system and install software by themselves. All system data and software are deployed by administrators to fully standardize the internal IT environment of the enterprise, and prevent employees from installing games that are not related to work. And software.

Controllable inside and outside

Provide USB, serial port parallel port, memory management and other local peripherals and storage multi-mode management and control functions, to prevent the internal confidential data of the company through the memory and peripheral port copy leakage risk. Especially with internal and external network isolation technology, the same computer can completely isolate internal and external network access data.

Disaster tolerance

The software comes with redundant hot standby function, supports IO server cluster, supports server HA, server down client automatically switches to backup server, the current work will not be interrupted, meet the high reliability requirements of enterprise office, data between active and standby servers can be Synchronous, easy to manage.

Rapid deployment

Any operating system and software can be deployed to all workstations in the LAN, and the system and software installation will be centralized. Different computers can use the same operating system, and multiple servers can synchronize the guest operating system. Installation and deployment is quick and easy.

Multi-purpose machine

The computer hardware is isolated from the operating system and software. The purpose of the computer is completely determined by the different software environments provided by the server. The same computer can change its usage mode by loading different operating systems and software, such as the workstation as a designer during the day and changing at night. As a rendering server.

Personality application

The system can install different software according to different departments or different employee levels, and meet the needs of employees' personalized applications on the basis of ensuring convenient management. The employee's system desktop, input method, common application and other private data can be used in any LAN. Roaming on the machine.

Strong compatibility

It seamlessly interfaces with the original IT system of the enterprise, and is compatible with the traditional domain environment and various network architectures of the enterprise. The server and the client support various versions of windows and Linux systems, and one client disk image can be compatible with computers of different configurations. Perfectly compatible with existing enterprise applications.

cut costs

The server uses the Linux operating system, which saves a lot of server operating system expenses; the client does not need to purchase a hard disk, which saves a lot of terminal hard disk expenses; the server configuration requirements are extremely low, saving a lot of server procurement expenses; the use and maintenance is extremely simple, greatly reducing the enterprise TCO.


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