Pano Mabasa Cp Sa Pc Na Select Usb Configuration as Charging

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Credits kay John Angelo Villanueva kung pano mabasa cp sa pc na select usb configuration as charging
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On your device go to:
1. Settings>about phone>tap build number 7-8 times>
Then go back go to developer options>Turn on usb debugging and oem unlock
2. On developer options look for usb configuration then set charging only
3. Then power off your phone (shutdown your device), when your phone is powered off press power and volume up for 10 seconds
4. Then on recovery select enter bootloader now you will see the flare x2 logo
(you are now on your bootloader)
Then connect it to pc nothing to do on your phone just connect it to pc
5. Download adb and fast boot first and install on your pc
Type Y sa lahat ng questions
Then restart your pc
adb and fastboot download link :

Files needed :
1. adb and fastboot
2. SDK Manager
3. Intel driver
4. iSocUSB Driver
5. PhoneFlashTool

Installing usb driver :
On your pc download
Set your android as adb on pc and follow these steps

On your pc download all the files here!kFBhXKzL!6TjWj534jwJ1dTGF6LSsnCjJWH2yFgBk2Uif9tVo6mE

1.Then extract PhoneFlashTool_4.0.0.0_win32 .zip
1.1 Install IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.2.0 9 32 bit
1.1 For 64 bit users
2. Install iSocUSB Driver v1.0.2
3. Install PhoneFlashTool_4.0.0.0_win32
4. Then open phone flash tools
4.1 On the left portion on the top select custom flash
4.2 Then on android image select recovery browse the twrp image file!hVgEQDZJ!-O0fjJd2tngnqKgdvUoWgb6AtN8qc5CwefUZQC2_WLg
4.3 Click start to flash
5. After flashing is done press power for 10 seconds to turn on your device
5.1 Then long press power and power off your phone and when your phone is powerd off
5.2 Press power and volume up for 10 seconds now you will see twrp recovery .
6. Then on your recovery go to install tab and browse your sdcard where UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.65-20151226141550!tU5BjTDa!7esGjStr89iM_t93BzsX9j3HgkoVaFKPHWL54bIjNM0
is located and then flash

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