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    What is VPN?
    VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private connection of public networks usually for internal company or structure.

    Why use VPN?
    - Opens the internet for regional locks
    - Speeds and stabilizes connectivity
    - anonymous internet browsing

    PC or Mobile?
    Both you can use vpn on mobile network and pc connections

    Is this free?
    Yes and No, there are companies the provide premium vpn access with alot of data centers but you can also find free softwares

    Will this speed up my internet?
    Depends, for example if you are in asia but your isp is connecting in US your internet will have higher ping but if use vpn that tunnels to say Philippines or Singapore your internet speed will increase

    Whats the fastest server for Philippines?
    First Philippines then Singapore followed by Japan and Hongkong

    What does HTTP injectors do?
    Basically proxy connects to proxy account though ssh or other web sockets to access files that are behind firewall giving you access to restricted websites.

    What are the downside of vpn?
    - slow internet for people with fast internet since you are using a private network
    - sites with protection will ask you for captcha every visit

    How do i get free internet?
    Local ISP's do not cut your internet when balance reach zero instead you are redirected to a proxy url landing page so in theory if you bypass this using injector you get free mobile internet.

    Free Internet Tutorial?
    You can browse my post

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