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Sharing with you for those Pisoneters here in our group that are having LOW END or LOW SPECS Units. The purpose of this post is for you to have an idea if your units can run PUBG LITE

This may be a PUBG LITE from their Official Site or from Garena. There is no difference from them in terms of system requirements

My test PC specs are the following:
A10 7800k 3.6ghz boost to 4.0ghz 4 cores 4 threads
R7 200 series iGPU 2gb vram (set in BIOS) 128bit
16gb ram generic memory
500gb Western Digital Blue

The screenshots below is the Training Ground of PUBG. I had chosen that map since there are plenty of gun fires, players, and other effects and explosions that can have a reading, calculations, computations on the usage of the CPU, iGPU, and RAM located on the upper left corner of the screenshot.


The app i used to show these readings is MSI AfterBurner. you can download it for free.
The 1st and 2nd pic is the VERY LOW SETTINGS in graphics. as you can see that the CPU is at 57% - 60% in usage in all 4 cores. Therefore, the CPUs are not pressured. and it shows no problem.

RAM is only at 4.3gb in use. so if you have 8gb ram in your units, that won't be a problem since you have an extra of more or less 3gb to 3.5gb. you can use that extra for other apps like Chrome.

Finally, iGPU is at 623 vram in usage. mostly iGPU has a default of 1gb vram set in BIOS. therefore, graphics may be low but it is still smooth in gameplay since the vram does not reached to 1gb max capacity.

Overall, it is having a 86fps so not bad. the standards now adays for smooth gaming is at least 60fps
3rd and 4th screenshots are in MEDIUM SETTINGS. as you can notice that it is pretty much the same from VERY LOW in terms of CPU usage and RAM usage. the only difference is the iGPU's vram increased from 623 at very low settings to 763 vram since the graphics is medium.
Still has 85fps.


Screenshot is ULTRA SETTINGS. still the same to medium settings but the vram of iGPU reaches to 1.06gb vram and the framerates lowers from 85fps down to 78fps due to graphics detail.

In conclusion:
It is advisable to have a CPU that has 4 cores. as you can see, having 4 cores are having 50% - 60% of usage. assuming your unit have only 2 cores, if you double the 50% usage from 4 cores, it will result to 100%. therefore, a little bit higher than that can cause your unit to BOTTLENECK and can lead to LAG. also, since it is 50% - 60%, 60% of 3.6ghz of my A10 is at 1.8ghz more or less. therefore, this game can still run at 1.8ghz to 2.0ghz in which those are the common specs of a mid ranged laptops.

If you don't have a independent or discrete graphics card, your iGPU will do fine. but don't set it to HIGH or ULTRA since based from my screenshots, it will pass more than 1gb of vram if you set it to ultra. as mentioned also, by default the vram of iGPU set in BIOS is at 1gb. you can set it manually to 2gb vram if it is CAPABLE.

in terms of RAM Memory, the usage does not reach to 5gb of that game PUBG Lite. so it is safe to say that 8GB ram is still recommended. I am sorry to say for those who are having 4gb ram that you may experience lag from time to time. but i am not saying that it is not playable. it is, but it will be not smooth.

Hope this helps and good day!

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