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Simple Hacks to Boost Computer Performance
Want to Put Some More Oomph on your computers without spending anything? Here are some simple hacks to boost computer performance. If you do all these tweaks, you will be able to see a very positive improvement to your internet cafe computers. Hopefully, this will eliminate yung mga batang hamog na sumisigaw ng LAAAAGGGG every time na ma dedz sa LOL or ROS.
  1. Adjust Window’s Visual Effects
  2. Increase Page File Size
  3. Improve Speaker Volume
  4. Stop Loading of Unnecessary Startup Programs
  5. Increase Built In Graphic Card’s Memory Allocation
  6. Minor Overclock of CPU
No more chest beating how my innumerable exploits in computers led to my being a savant for any hardware related issues. Bawal mayabang sa Blog na ito, kasi nandito na ako. No, there’s no place for that in this blog. Let’s go the the details. Pero yung numbers 1 to 3 muna ha. Even a brilliant brain like mine gets tired. I promise to post the next three hacks on the next blog – (update: check hacks 4 to 6 HERE). P.S. — I worry na may di nakakuha nung joke.

1. Adjust Window’s Visual Effects
For internet cafes, you don’t need the extra default graphics or visual effects provided by Windows. Most are just superficial and only exist to make your desktop and GUIs (Graphic User Interface) look prettier. Parang makeup lang. You can deactivate this since this is not important and can actually decrease gaming and browsing performance.

STEP 1: Right Click on COMPUTER or MY COMPUTER, then Left click on PROPERTIES




STEP 3: You are now looking at the System Properties Menu. Click on SETTINGS under Performance.


STEP 4: You are now looking at the Performance Options Menu. By default, the “Adjust for best appearance” option is ticked or selected. That’s why all the graphics and visual “makeup” is activated by default.

Click on the “Adjust for best performance” to deactivate all the visual effects. Click on APPLY, then click OK.

There will be a short transition from the visually pretty Windows to the grey and simple Windows version.


2. Increase Page File Size
What is Page File and what does it do? To better understand it’s function let me give you an example. Let’s say you are playing a Youtube video on Google Chrome, then you open another application. All this will use and consume RAM. Say you have a 4 GB RAM and all the applications maximized your RAM, your computer will identify that your system is running low on memory. To remedy this, Windows will move the least used “pages” of memory out to a hidden file named pagefile.sys. This will free up the RAM and the pagefile.sys uses the hard disk as a temporary “RAM”.

Now that you know the importance of the Page File, let me show you how to tweak it. This tweak is a sure-fire hack to boost computer performance.

STEP 1: Follow STEPS 1 to 3 of the the previous guide on how to “Adjust Window’s Visual Effects”

Click on ADVANCED, then click Change under Virtual Memory


STEP 2: You are now looking at the Virtual Memory menu.

Uncheck or untick “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”

Look at the bottom of the Menu. You will see a “Recommended” and “Currently allocated” size of the Page File.

Knowing the above information, click on “Custom size” and put a number larger than the “Recommended” page file size. In the example below the recommended file size is 5214 MB and the currently allocated page file size is only 3476 MB. Kulang diba? Short ka ng almost 2000 MB of page file.

I will put 6000 MB for the INITIAL SIZE and put 8000 MB for the MAXIMUM SIZE. The general rule of thumb here is to make the MAXIMUM SIZE double the amount of RAM. In this case, my computer has 4 GB of memory, so a Maximum Page File size of 8000 MB is just right.

Click on SET, then click OK. This will need a computer restart.


3. Improve Speaker Volume
This simple tweak will boost your speaker or headset volume. I don’t know the exact percentage but I personally think that this will double your computer’s sound volume. Sometimes gaming experience is hampered due to anemic sound volume. So this hack to boost computer performance is mostly an experience tweak.

STEP 1 : Right Click on the Speaker Icon found at the bottom right of your screen. Then left click on PLAYBACK DEVICES.


STEP 2 : You are now looking at the Playback Menu. Right-click on the SPEAKERS or HEADSET (this depends on what you are using). Left click on PROPERTIES.


STEP 3: Go to ENHANCEMENTS menu. Look for LOUDNESS EQUALIZATION. Click on the tick box to activate. Click APPLY, then Click OK. You should be able to notice a significant increase in volume.


That’s it! I hope this helps. These hacks to boost computer performance are proven effective. Try it now.

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