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CPU Overheat! What To Do?
How to check and fix a CPU Overheat? Sometimes the story comes to you. I was preparing an article regarding Piriform’s Free Software, Ccleaner, and Speccy.

So I updated both applications and launched Speccy first. I took out my notebook and pen and readied my cellphone camera. Lo and behold, Speccy gave me a heads up on an anomaly in the system.

Confirmed, CPU Overheat running 87 degrees Celsius without load!

That’s dangerous. The CPU could easily cross 100 degrees Celsius if I open just one game.


Time to Investigate
Luckily, I was informed of this impending disaster. But if I wasn’t and this CPU overheat issue continued. This computer would be experiencing slowdowns and random power off or resets. I don’t expect the processor to totally burn out since modern computer designs have placed countermeasures to prevent this.

That’s the reason why computers shut down on their own when overheating.

Opening the computer, I saw a moderately dirty HSF. The amount of dirt was not enough to totally obstruct cool air. The fan was also spinning normally so it should be supplying enough air to cool down the heat sink.


Investigate further and check CPU overheat source
Removed the HSF to check on the thermal paste. Looks like an uneven application of thermal paste. The sides have no thermal paste applied.

This could contribute to the overheating issue.


Application of Thermal Paste
There was a time when I would be very clinical in applying thermal paste (Arctic Silver brand). I would use an old plastic card and carefully spread the paste until it was perfectly even. But now, I seem to be always in a hurry so I just use my fingers.

You can check out this DeepCool Z5 thermal paste for reference if you don’t know what a thermal paste is or if want to buy one.

To replace the thermal paste, remove using fingers or soft cloth. It should come off easily. Next, pour out a small amount of thermal paste on top of the processor. Don’t put too much paste or it will just spill to the sides. Approximately, the right amount of thermal paste is about the size of 2 to 3 rice grains (Filipinos Love Rice). Clean your fingers then spread the paste slowly and evenly as you can.


Install A Fresh HSF
If you want, you can buy a branded HSF like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 or the Deepcool Iceedge. These would provide much better cooling and you could even do some overclocking.


Run Speccy Again
Changing HSF and applying fresh thermal paste helped cool off the CPU. But, 55 degrees Celsius without load is still a bit high for my liking. But definitely better than the previous mark and not akin to a CPU Overheat.

Maybe dusting off the entire computer will lower the temperature further. But for now, I’m confident that the actions I have taken are enough to dispel overheating.


That’s It! You can now change the HSF and thermal paste of your computer on your own. DIY Power!

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