Rainmeter Honeycomb + GGL Mod Guide


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Sa mga nang hihingi ng tutorial, here's a poorly made one.

Materials needed:
Rainmeter (Download it)
Honeycomb + GGL mod (Link below)

Your custom backgrounds for certain games.

Will take this chance to do a shameless plug too,
Creds to the great artist who made my JuggXWindranger custom wallpaper

Check each nude pics for descriptions and step by step tutorials.

Pic 1
-Install Rainmeter (Icon should show in your notification area at the lower right)


Pic 2
-You'll notice, pag ka install mo may mga lalabas agad na mga skin, that's just a default rainmeter skin. i-Right-click nyo lang and unload it all.


Pic 3
You also might want to start clean so remove all the icons sa desktop nyo including the recycle bin if you want. Which is hiding the theme section ng windows 10. Simply search for Desktop Icon Settings and uncheck it all if you want.


Pic 4
-Install the Honeycomb + GGL mod (Link above)
If you'll notice I already have multiple mods installed, I'm using Sundays and Visbubbles for the Date and Time as seen in the screenshot.
-Kung contented ka na sa mga icons na pre-made, simply load them and automatic naka set na lahat you'll simply need drag them around kung san mo gusto i-place. (Disable dragging too if ayaw mong mahila accidentally xD)


Pic 5
If not, there are different honeycomb mods in the internet but the +GGL has the codes for the (Mouse-hover) background effect. But since wala dyan lahat ng game icons na gusto nyo, you'll want to download more from the internet.
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add the (Mouse-hover) background.


Pic 6
In this case, my 1080ti requires me to play Minecraft and wala sya sa +GGL mod so it's no no, we gonn facken add it.

Ang kailangan nyo lang talaga at this point is the PNG icon or image. You can download it directly from the web kung may makita ka, but in this tutorial I got my extra icons sa lumang versions ng Honeycomb na walang hover effect.

(IMPORTANT: Make sure it's a PNG and not JPG para maging transparent sya)


Pic 7 and 8
Makikita mo lahat ng skins ng Rainmeter mo in this this address (C:\User\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins). Simply copy the icon na gusto mo from the @Resource folder ng lumang versions ng honeycomb and transfer it sa @Resource folder ng +GGL version


Pic 9 and 10
Now you're ready to give that Icon a place in your desktop.
Go to the GGL folder and duplicate any folder there and change its name to the game that you want. (Ex: spotify folder) and then open it


Pic 11
Now here's where the alteration of coding starts, it's really simple since name lang ang mga papalitan nyo. Start with that spotify.ini and change it to minecraft.ini as an example and then open it using a notepad.


Pic 12
Alter everything that is marked with red in the picture para magtugma sa resource folder nyo. So try to stick in one name only, hindi ko alam kung case sensitive to, but it's better to stick to smallcaps.


Pic 13 and 14
It should look like this. Now the highlighted code in this picture is the execution path. Dyan nyo ilalagay yung location ng .exe file nag mag o-open pag cli-nick nyo yung icon nyo. If it's a steam game you'll find it easily so commons folder nya, but in this case, it's minecraft so it has it's own folder.

(IMPORTANT, kailangan nyo ung enlosing symbols so wag nyong alisin yon or hindi mag ra-run yung game nyo)


Your done with this file so save it and head on the background folder.

Pic 15 and 16
Again change the name and now the photo na gusto mo lumabas pag hinover mo ang mouse mo.
If you're using a 4k monitor, get a wallpaper with 2560x1600 resolution para sumakto sa monitor mo, if you have lower resolution, of course get a lower one.
I don't know how to code a rescale for images but it's easier for me to simply get a wallpaper with an exact resolution


Be sure to rename the image and change it to PNG file if it's on JPG. Napaka simple non, just add (.png) at the end then that's it. Just delete the other photo and open the background.ini

Pic 17 and 18
We're almost done, simply change the text marked with red para tumugma sa name ng image nyo sa background folder.


Save it and that's it!

Pic 19
Load the skin you just made, it should now show in the skin folder of GGL


Bonus settings
assign nyo nag position ng lahat ng ginagamit nyong skins to "On Desktop" para hindi sila nag o-overlap randomly. Or kung gusto mo naman laging nakikita, put them at "Stay topmost"

Experiment on the settings to like adding fade out effect and transparency for a cooler effect.
Also uncheck the Snap to Edges box to have more control sa pag move ng Icon.

And that's it. Just repeat it to the icons.
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