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Capturing your PotG in Overwatch with GeForce Experience 3.0 ShadowPlay and Wonder in the world of Witcher 3 with NVIDIA Ansel

Hi guys, Today, we’d like to show you how to use GeForce Experience 3.0 ShadowPlay to capture your PotG in Overwatch and demonstrate the unbelievable capabilities of NVIDIA Ansel in Witcher 3. Here’s a visual guide I made enjoy!

NVIDIA Ansel in Witcher 3 URL for sharing


Update and update!
1. Update to our latest Game Ready driver from GeForce Experience or Please install all the packages including the 3D vision ones. 2. Open GOG or Steam and update to the new Witcher 3 1.24 patch


Get into the beautiful game as usual

Activating Ansel
Press Alt+F2 during gameplay to open the NVIDIA Ansel interface


Filters, we are all hipsters now
As you can see, there are different filters for the different style you want to present. There are also different capture types too!


Trying out Super Resolution
So Here I'm trying out the Super Resolution feature in Ansel, I was gonna max out the resolution but I found out that my SSD don't have enough space so I only took 16x of my FHD resolution instead.


Taking the shot
Here's What you'll see when you're taking the shot, a green bar showing the progress. For your reference, I'm taking this image with a GTX1060 and it took about 30 seconds to finish (on and SSD) the bars but the image isn't our yet.


Stitching it up!
After the green bar is finished, you'll have to wait for your GPU to stitch the images it took back to 1 image again. It took about 1-2 mins for my image to be finished on an SSD. Your experience may vary. Unfortunately, the image is too big to be uploaded to imgur (7.1GB) and I'll try and find a way to have you guys take a look and try and find Geralt!

A little guide to help you explore the amazing imagery of Witcher 3 For a more detailed announcement, please read here!

Record Overwatch PotG with GeForce Experience 3.0 ShadowPlay URL for sharing:


Login as usual


Press Alt+Z to make sure you have GeForce Experience/Shadowplay correctly installed


Play as usual


Wait for the perfect moment
It's high noon...


Oh no, I didn't record it on time: Instant replay
Don't worry, ShadowPlay can record you past 5 minutes of game footage with a press of a key! Simply press Alt+F10 or head into the overlay by Alt+Z then plress record on instant replay!


Alternative: Highlight Recording
If you want to record your play of the game or highlight after the game have finished, you can go to the highlight section.



After you're in the highlight section, you can turn on the recording by accessing the overlay by Alt+Z then press record or just simply use the hotkey Alt+F9.



Now you can find your PotG video at C:\Users\"username" or the directory you've set on your PC. Upload it to Facebook or whichever social media platform you please! :)

Guide to using shadowplay to record your "Play of the Game" for sharing to social media.
Have a fun time playing around it! Welcome to share your work in the comment section of this post.
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